Randy's Post Shoulder Surgery Bench Press Testimony

Read Randy's testimonial on how he recovered from shoulder surgery, by eating clean, supplementing and training smart....and hard!

"I have been training with Mike Keenan, owner of KM Fitness, for 4 years with the goal of bench pressing over 200 pounds. Thanks to Mike's coaching on weight training, nutrition (including supplementing IDLife™ workout products such as pre and post workout recovery drinks, protein meal replacements and ID Life Lean) I have exceeded my goals despite a break in training due to shoulder surgery."

Put the "Brakes" on the aging process and unwanted weight gain! Follow the Top 5 tips of what Randy did to get back into shape:

Hire a personal trainer with real experience

Randy sought us out knowing that he neeeded shoulder surgery, but was unwilling to abandon his goals of feeling, looking and performing at his best. This required our ability to assess, and re-assess his overall diet and lifestyle, and apply the right program to meet, and exceed his expectations.

Sleep! Fat burning vs. Fat Storing...

Randy had some unhealthy habits, staying up too late and midnight snacking. Overeating leads to increased insulin. Lack of sleep raises cortisol levels. Cortisol + Insulin = Fat Storeage. So we focused on Randy going to sleep by 10 pm and sleeping until 6am. This allowed Randy to produce and release the optimal levels of tissue repair hormones, which your body delivers to the muscles, tendons and ligaments between 11 pm and 5 am. These tissue repair hormones include human growth hormone (hgh) and testosterone. To assist with sleep if needed, we could used a simple formulation, that lowers cortisol and increases melatonin. This formulation helps you fall asleep quickly, and more importantly cuts back on trips to the bathroom at night, and fall back to sleep when you do get up.

Hydration! The secret to the facelift from the inside-out...

Remember its better to look good then to feel good...NOT! Truth is when you are dehydrated, the first thing to suffer is your skin. You loose elasticity, so your skin sags. You look grey, old and toxic. That's because you are! Three days of hydration, with the right combination of electrolytes (minerals), and you will see eleasticity recover, and the color, tone and overall appearance of your complexion improve. This can not be achieved with serums and moisturizers, these only enhanbce what consuming proper hydrating liquids can do, from the inside/out!

Thin & Weak vs. Lean & Strong

You can't build a 10 story building with 6 stories worth of bricks.... simple math! Starving yourself, low calorie diets with poor nutrient can help you get thin, but leave you looking "skinny fat", feeling weak and tired. You look skinny fat because you lost your muscle mass and muscle tone. So how about we build a lean and strong appearance! Proper nutrition is the key. Randy understands that proper supplementation gives you the "bricks" to build lean mass... and a lot of it! This allowed him to both work harder in the gym, and recover quickly... which lead to increased fat burning and the ability to build a strong/defined chest, shoulders, arms, hips and abs.

Utilize Proprietary Training Techniques

In order to gain lean mass and not re-injure his shoulder, it is important to minimize the stress to Randy's ligaments, tendons and joints and apply maximal stress to his muscles. Muscle is living, breathing tissue that has the tremendous ability to utilize nutrients as building material and is greatly influenced by hormones, such as testosterone and HGS to produce strong, lean muscle. To stimulate copious amounts of muscle building hormone, it is important to achieve a breathless and burning sensation in the muscles you are training. How to do this safely and effectively is what professional fitness trainers do. 

Want to discover Randy's secrets?

How do we help our clients achieve their goals? Our objective is to empower clients by actively sharing our knowledge with them. The base knowledge that they acquire when working with us will enable them to understand the impact their lifestyle choices make to their overall general health and well-being, and empower them to make better decisions. We address the proper strength training biomechanics, by increasing the stress applied to the muscle while minimizing the shearing forces to the joints. In addition we also address nutrition and mindset issues to help you achieve your goals in the safest and shortest amount of time!.

What’s the secret to getting the body of your dreams? Our 5 pillars of success through Sleep, Hydration, Nutrition, Stress Management and Exercise: Since starting KM Fitness in 2004, we have created a system that would encompass the 5 Pillars of Health and Fitness which are: Sleep, Hydration, Nutrition, Stress Management and Exercise. They are in the order of most importance. You can not function without Sleep, Water and Food, so they come first. Smoking like you are on fire, and drinking like you are trying to put it out is not proper stress management, but that is exactly how some people react to stress. Exercise not only has the ability to improve your weight, and get you stronger, but is also one of the most effective ways to lower physical, mental and spiritual stress, and lower inflammation in the body. We teach the 5 Pillars, because we believe that is the only way to get you your from where you are, to where you want to be.

Our Mission Statement To empower each of our clients to obtain Optimal Health and Fitness through metabolic conditioning, lifestyle enhancements and whole, natural nutrition supported by committed Professionals in an atmosphere of encouragement. As a Health Coach and Fitness Trainer, the optimal health and wellness, of each of our clients, is our number one priority. Our mission statement is simple, people first. Health coaching is a new concept to most, but in reality has been the center of our my practice for over 30 years. In my past vocation of physical therapy, I was an expert in rehabilitation. In health coaching, it is redemption. Most people ask, what's the difference? Rehabilitation is returning someone to their previous level of being. Redemption is creating someone new, elevating someone to a mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and relational being they never were before. How is it done, 5 simple steps, Sleep, Hydration, Nutrition, Stress Management and Exercise. It is through the coaching this is accomplished. Mike and his wife Susan have two college age children, and live in Brielle, New Jersey.

What inspired you to start your own business? Mike Keenan is the Founder and Director of KM Fitness. Mike has practiced in the field of Health and Fitness for over 30 years. As a high school and college athlete, Mike understood the importance of focusing on goals to accomplish dreams. "A goal is a dream with a date on it". Mike is a Graduate of SUNY Cortland, with a degree in Physical Education and Athletic Training. Mike became a NATA Certified Athletic Trainer in 1987. Mike then attended graduate school at the University of Buffalo on a graduate assistant ship, where he taught in the undergraduate physical therapy program and served as an athletic trainer. From 1989-1994, Mike served as the Director of Athletic Training and Sports Performance Training for a large Long Island Physical Therapy practice where his primary responsibility was to recondition professional and amateur athletes for return to play. As owner for KM Fitness, Mike's primary responsibility is in the area of Evaluation and Exercise Prescription. Continuing education is ongoing commitment. 

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KM Fitness is a The Premier Health Coaching and Fitness Training studio at The Jersey Shore, located at 93 Atlantic Avenue in Manasquan. We perform One on One Training in a Private setting, so there is no sharing of equipment, no interruptions, just you, your trainer and the equipment. We sell our programs in packages, which also includes meal plan design to meet your specific goals, supplement recommendations and lifestyle coaching. We develop the proper mindset, and coach individials to success utilizing our Five Pillars of Success. They are Sleep, Hydration, Nutrition, Stress Management and Exercise. Please visit our web site at www.keenanmedicalfitness.com. We have a proven track record with success. Our clients demand this level of service, that is why we are full service, and not a piece meal type program. We have included our first ebook on our top ten fat loss tips when you "opt in" so you can see what we are all about at KM Fitness! Looking forward to meeting with you.