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What is DietBet? A dietbet is the best way to supercharge your willpower with friends. You are not betting against other participants, you are betting against yourself. Hit your goal of losing 4% of your bodyweight , and you are guaranteed to share in the winner's pool of money... That's IT! Dietbet players get hooked on the accountability, social support, and inspiration of the game, and they build healthy lifestyles that last.  

Who is hosting DietBet? KM Fitness is hosting and DietBet is admistrating the contest. Anyone can join.

How do you play DietBet? Just click on the green button on the right and register, you will be registering for KM Fitness DietBet and the cost is only $35... if you loose 4% of your bodyweight by the end of 28 days, you will not only get your $$ back but also receive a portion of the winnings from the participants who dropped out.  

What will you win? KM Fitness will also include access to their online workout portal with video taped workouts and a sound nutrition plan with daily email motivation. Also at the end of your journey you will receive additional prizes such as, FREE personal training sessions and healthy products from IDLife!



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